Saturday, October 9, 2010


My weekend to do's:
-Finish reading my book, which I plan on doing immediately after I post this. It's just so good I can barely put it down.
-Finish crocheting the blanket I've been working on. It's almost done, I'm so close to the end.
-Make some cute little fall leaf decorations.
- (edit) Okay, let's add fall wreath to this list too.

Those are just a few things I want to accomplish this weekend among other things. I still have errands to do, like getting a present for another bridal shower. And as much as I would like to accomplish all three of those things this weekend, I'm just not sure that I will. They all take a lot of time, plus I might just get lazy and want to do nothing, I do that sometimes, actually I do that a lot of times. If I do them there will be pictures to come of my crafty projects.


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