Saturday, October 23, 2010


This morning I had to get up at 6:30. Now I don't completely hate mornings or anything, but getting up that early on my Saturday is not okay with me. Saturdays are for sleeping in. Or if you are getting up early, for doing something fun, that you really want to do. Not for giving your little cousin a ride to her track meet then going to a CPR/First Aid class all day. Woo hoo! I was dreading going to this class today but I had to for work (I work at a preschool). Although it didn't turn out to be too horrible. The people in my class were fun and we were all making jokes and laughing with each other. But don't worry we did also learn how to do CPR, which I basically already knew. And we got out early! That was the best part by far. Now I have to go back tomorrow for Health and Safety class, at least it won't be all day.

I was supposed to go to Oktoberfest tonight with Heather, but the poor girl has the flu. So we both stayed home instead, I was dead tired anyway from getting up that early after going out last night. What I did instead was work more on my little leafies! I cut out more felt and made 1 1 1/2 more garlands! (Pictures to come soon.) I'm thinking of maybe putting some up on my esty shop, but I just think that they're so cute I want to give them away to my friends to put in their houses. I guess we'll have to see how many I end up making. Speaking of the etsy shop that is on the to do list for this coming week. I really, really need to work on it and figure out a few more things. Until then I'm a little hesitant to put up the rest of my items. Wish me luck!

Oh ya, tomorrow I'm going to see Sufjan Stevens with my best friends. You should be jealous.