who i am.

Hello! I'm Amy, known to my friends as Ames. I love to craft and make things for the people I love. I have a dream to be full time crafter. I love to travel and go on adventures. And this is a place where I can share all of that with you, so please come along for the ride.

just a few of the things i love
writing and receiving letters, elephants, yarn and crochet, bestiefests, trees and leaves, FALL, Fleetwood Mac Rumors, the womb, Harry Potter, baking, polaroids, matryoshka dolls, travel, colors!, baseball and the Angels, coffee, reading, and the rain (rainboots included).

i love making new friends and 

i would love to meet you, so please drop by and say hi.
we can talk about crafts, baking, or anything really.

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