Friday, October 1, 2010

life goes on...

i'm back home. again. for a while i think. maybe not. hopefully not. but for now i'm exhausted. my trip to the caribbean was wonderful. a great mix of relaxation with a little bit of adventure thrown in there. i wasn't even home for 12 hours before i had to work again. and i have a full next couple days. picking up my best friend from the airport tonight. can't wait to see her. another wedding in san diego tomorrow. (yes, that will make the wedding attendance count 7 so far this year. and soon to be 8, i'm in another wedding at the end of this month.) i feel like i was gone for so long. so much has been happening. another good friend of mine got engaged. congratulations marisa! it feels like i'm quickly becoming the only single girl left. what're gonna do?


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