Thursday, June 23, 2011

memories [via cell phone lens].

I just recently gave my old cell phone to my brother because his broke, and I thought it would be fun to share some old photos that I rescued from it. Some of these pictures are years old...and looking through them all brought back memories from so many good times.

p.s. all these are from college/2008 or prior aka the womb era

little baby noah (who just turned 5 last saturday)
tobin's copacabana/nola feather head piece.
james and tobs stealin my phone
hello kitty in new york
myles, ha
salvation mountain, a wonderful place
womb porch, i miss you so
erin does funny things
new years 2008 times square
finals makes you crazy
jamie as santa (again, finals make you crazy)

those are just a few. more to come in a soon.


erin said...

i love this all so much. the picture of me and the grad cap i totally remember, the other one... not so much. keep em' coming!

jamie said...

this is a dream of dreams post! ahhhhh!!!!