Thursday, June 16, 2011


I feel like this is quite the topic of bloggersation (blog conversation, make sense? that was lame huh?) right now, but I am totally, 100% on board.

I was invited by my dear friend Jaymee about 2 months ago. Right around the same time thislady got an invite too. And at first I was just not that into it, but once I started pinning I couldn't stop!
I love it. Seriously, anytime throughout the day when I think of something I like, I look it up on pinterest and pin it to one of my boards. I even have the app on my iphone so I can look at pretty things while I'm on the go. It is addicting to look at pretty things and I am feeling inspired to start making things again. So be on the look out for new projects coming up.

here is just a very small sample of some of what I've been drooling over on pinterest:

just so summer
can this pretty please be my bedroom?
sister tattoos

It's so much fun. You should come to and find me.



he calls me wifey said...

yay for pinterest!!

the paper nest co. said...

I LOE pinterest!! It's so addicting- if I'm not careful, hours literally go by... :)