Sunday, June 19, 2011

In Remembrance.

Partially inspired by Rachael's post and just because today is Father's Day. This is for my Grandpa Jim, who passed away last Sunday.

a military man,
a little bit of a mad scientist,
a wonderful husband,

I will always remember...
*how you and i would spend hours in your workshop (garage) and you taught me about the art of woodworking and how to use all the power tools.
*the times you used to take me out for ice cream, and you would ALWAYS get two scoops of chocolate.
*that i would try to impress you with my knowledge of the states and capitols when you would quiz me.
*how we would watch Murder She Wrote and then look up the words/things I didn't understand in the giant dictionary with a magnifying glass.

(this is from Father's day probably about 15 years ago, that's little me on the bottom left)

We are thinking of you fondly on this Father's Day.
We love you and miss you and will always remember you with happy memories.


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