Saturday, June 11, 2011


my glasses fall off my head almost every ten minutes because they're so big/stretched out. i think that's a good indication that i am in need of a new pair. but which ones to get...

these are the glasses i have now:

and i can't decide if i want to get another pair just like these or something fun and different.
what do you all think of these:
the first 3 are by Warby Parker
the last 2 are Ray Bans
(i'm not looking to spend less, but i like the look of them)

i can't decide which ones i like best. i would love to hear your opinions? or do you have any suggestions for fun glasses that aren't super expensive?
can't wait to hear from you and happy sunday!



Anonymous said...

Those all look good, Amy G! I really like the first ones, but I think they're all pretty.

Amy G. said...

Thanks Jaymes. I think those are my favorite too!