Wednesday, June 15, 2011


{Laura, Heather, Jaymee, Marina, me, & Erin}

This picture was taken last July, just 11 months ago.
(and yes I do realize that it's blurry and not the greatest picture of most of us)
We had gone out for girls night. When I think about this night and look at the pictures, I think about 2 things: how much fun we had and how much has changed.
At this point, Marina was the only one who was married.
Erin was the only one engaged.
Jaymee wasn't engaged yet.
Laura, Heather, and I were all still single.

And now, Marina is still married to Jonathan, and thinking about having a little one.
Erin is now married to Chad.
Jaymee got engaged the next month and is married to Kyle.
Laura met AJ, her now husband, 3 days after this picture was taken.
Heather is off the market.
It's not even a year later and so much is different. I've been thinking a lot lately about how fast things change. If I'm not careful I think everything might just pass me by.


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