Monday, November 1, 2010


Lately I've been feeling a wave of nostalgia flowing through me. I'm not really sure what the cause is, but nonetheless the feeling is there.

Maybe it's because I miss the days when I lived within walking distance of most (but not all) of my closest friends. My last year of college I lived with 4 other girls, Jessi, Jamie, Allie, and Erin. We lovingly called our apartment "The Womb." I'm not quite sure how that all came about, but we embraced it and made it something great. We started calling ourselves "wombmates" or "wombies," after one of our dear friends pointed out the correlation with the word roommates.

This is a little video that Jamie made (or view it here):

A little short post from Tobin's blog.

The best part of living there, well other than the wonderful relationships that were created, was that it seemed like we never had to go anywhere. There was always someone home, always friends coming over, we were always having such a good time. Even though our apartment was super eclectic and looked like it was probably decorated with trash on the walls (because it partly was) it felt like home.

Wombies Night Out.

Mustache Party!

The beloved porch.

The treasured Womb table (which is now the desk in my room).

Our last pancake breakfast.

Womb ambiance.

Our very first rewombion, breakfast at Flappy Jacks.

A reflection of Tobin: sparkles.
A reflection of Erin: gnomes.
A reflection of Allie: yellow.
A little reflection of me: arts and crafts.

polaroids everywhere.

New Years, New York trip.

The Family.

Graduation Day.

Thanksgiving injuns.
I want this again this year. Hopefully we'll all be together again some time in the future for Thanksgiving.

I'm looking forward to our next rewombion, whenever that may be. And yes, I do realize that this post might've seemed a little obsessive.


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it was heaven.