Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello again. So I intended on showing you an update on some Christmas crafts...well my weekend was a bit busier than I had expected and I wasn't home very much. But I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get more time for them this week. I have a few ideas in my head that need to be put into action.

One thing I have been doing, or trying to do, is organize all of my craft supplies. It is a HUGE job/process, there are multiple boxes in multiple rooms of my house with craft stuff thrown in them. And whenever I sit down to make something it seems that I am always missing one thing that I need and I have to search through about 7 different boxes just to find it. So it will be wonderful once everything is organized, or at least organizationally messy, which is how most of my life is.

This is now under my desk and pretty much already full of paper, felt, and various cutting tools.

This is next to it: 2 folders of stickers and other little adornments, as well as the hot glue gun.

And well these don't really have a place yet, but at least they are all in boxes. Let's see a box of sharpies/other pens, a box of dmc floss and needles, one of extra scrap fabrics, one with glues and tapes, and another with more glue, hole punches, and various scissors.

It's already started to feel so much better. I just made a card to put in a package that I'm sending some friends and it was so easy because I knew where everything I wanted was. Only thing is, I still have like 4 more boxes of stuff to go through and it won't all fit in those drawers...I'll have to figure out another solution.

I should have some baking posts coming up this week. Yum! And a Christmas craft or two (keep your fingers crossed).


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