Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm roasting.

I updated the Etsy shop today. Most of my pinwheels are up for sale now. I have a few left. I also need to do something along the lines of custom orders for them. I made all the pinwheels for my friend Erin's wedding, and I was thinking I could do custom orders for some sort of color theme for an event or party or even another wedding. And also some kind of deal where if you buy a certain amount, you get a discount. All things to be figured out still, but I thought I might as well put the rest of them up.

A few ideas of how they could be used (taken from Erin's wedding).

Photo credit: Jeremiah BonJean

On another note. Why is it sooo hot this week. Come on, its November. I guess living in Southern California doesn't come with four seasons. Which is something I do not appreciate. Please get chilly soon, I'm not even asking for it to be cold. I just want to be able to wear jeans and a sweater, maybe some boots, is that so much to ask?


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