Tuesday, November 23, 2010

as of late.

I feel like I haven't really posted, at least not a lot, in the last two weeks. Last week I was a little sick and just so tired when I would get home from work. But here are some pictures of recent events:

I shipped this custom order off to Australia.

I had two Thanksgiving dinners this last weekend,
but did not take enough pictures, almost none.

Pumpkin and apple pies. yum!

I made the boys where aprons when we were cooking.

Our Thanksgiving table, a few ideas stolen from Martha.

On Sunday, this lovely girl asked me to be in her wedding.
Eek! I'm so excited Marisa.

Started on some Christmas crafts and got a little glittery.
I love the sparkles!


marisa said...

I love, love, love you!

Heather said...

i love the pin wheel flowers! I am looking for something like this for my bouquet. I'm keeping these in mind :)

do you currenly doing custom orders?

Amy G. said...

Thank you! Yes, I do custom orders. I would love to work with you to create something beautiful for you!