Sunday, November 7, 2010

weekend update.

I made my first Etsy sale on Friday and I am ecstatic!

Last week my boss had me cook her leftover pumpkins from Halloween so she could make some pumpkin goodies. There were two big pumpkins and she had so much she didn't know what to do with it all, so she gave some to me. All week long I've been thinking about delicious pumpkin flavored recipes that I could use it for. I finally decided on making pumpkin soup, and that is what I did today.

It was delicious. I scraped the bowl clean.

I FINALLY cleaned my room. Not like a "I put everything away, mostly" kind of clean, like REALLY cleaned and slightly reorganized it. I even hung a few more things on the wall, got rid of some old junk that I was holding onto for who knows what reason, and found a few things that I thought I had lost.

Another thing that I did after a long time of waiting was giving myself a little fringe trim. My fringe was all the way past my eyes, I could not see if I wore it straight down. But now look...

...they are the perfect length (almost, it was as close as I could get myself). I like having them straight across, it just takes so much upkeep. I feel like it needs to be trimmed every week, and let's face it, I just won't keep up with that. But for now, I like them this way, so they shall stay at least for a little while.

And now I'm off to get ready for a girl's night! Can't wait to see Jaymee and hear about her mini-honeymoon and see pictures from her wedding last weekend. Stay tuned this week for some Christmas-ness, some fried goodies, and hopefully a project or two.


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