Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday's Crafting.

Yesterday I feel like I got a lot accomplished in the crafting department, although it doesn't look like much. I also thought of a lot of other ideas for the shower.

I sat here for most of my day. It only looked that clean for about 15 minutes before the table became a giant mess of papers etc.

I made these really fun pinwheels found here.

I think these are so fun. I feel like I could sit and make hundreds.

This one kept me company all day lazing around next to my table.

Next it was mustaches.
Now this may seem like a strange thing to have at a bridal shower, but if you knew the bride you wouldn't think so.

This took me a little while because I had to draw them all out by hand first. And it took me some time to figure out what kinds of mustaches to make and which looked the best.

The finished product! I made some brown ones to, but I still have to glue them on to their little sticks.

Today: finish the mustaches & make a banner.
Maybe even get a little doily action thrown in there.


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marina nichols said...

amy, you amaze me.