Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Quirky Bridal Shower Luncheon.

The bridal shower this last weekend went off wonderfully. I had so much fun with Leah, the maid of honor, putting everything together.
The bride loves gnomes and has a quirky little collection, so we decided to use them on all the tables. It was a fun little touch.

Scrapbook/crafting table.
( complete with paper crimper ;) )

Everyone made a lovely little page for a book that Leah is going to put together. She had the great idea to get pictures of the bride with all the guests that were coming to use on their pages. And I think everyone used them.

Ring Pops!

Leah made pom poms. So much fun.

Pinwheels and mustaches used as centerpieces.

I made a makeshift doily runner, found here. Meaning I didn't have time to actually sew them together, so I just laid them out on the table, and it worked fine. I also arranged the flowers, which is harder than it seems, at least it was for me. It took me a while to get the hang of it.

More pinwheels and mustaches.

And the day ended with this. By far the best part of the shower.

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