Friday, February 18, 2011

parks and rainy days.

on wednesday i took the day off to do wedding errands with sarah. she took me to the venue for the first time. it's going to be gorgeous, i can already tell, even though when we went it was rainy and windy. it's such a simple yet beautiful space. it's right next to the san gabriel mission, so it has that very old town feel and these great brick walls surrounding it. we went to measure for bunting and to get a feel of how and where everything would be set up. it made me so so excited for may. just get here already!

here's a few little sneak peek pics of sarah's wedding venue:

after the rest of our tasks for the day we felt sleepy and it was raining. so we rewarded ourselves by getting cozy with coffee and a game of crossword cubes.

i'm sorry, i'm not usually a fan of dogs in clothes, but Cleo was just too cute in her little rain parka, complete with hood. and how cute is that liddol puppy face with big puppy eyes?

so excited that it's a three day weekend. i have a lot of little things to do, but i hope to get some nice rest and relaxing in there too. and i have real exciting plans for monday, can't wait to share with you all. what are your plans for these next three days?


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