Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tuesday treasures.

my polaroid 600 camera!

I know it may sound cheesy that I treasure my polaroid camera, but I seriously love that thing. The pictures it takes are my favorite, the way the colors are faded and they have little imperfections. Plus they're instant, can't get much better than that. It's the neatest! I'm so sad that they don't really make film anymore, or at least I can't find any that it remotely affordable. I know have a fujifilm instax, that I've named "the tugboat" for it's giant size, but it's just not the same.

(this might be my favorite picture of the 5 of us. me, jamie, tobin, allie, erin.
the first rewombion, summer "08)

At the Womb there were polaroids everywhere. It was one of our fave things, to get all 5 of us together in an awesome polaroid picture.

(polaroid wall in the womb)

1) no more melancholy 2) Hogwarts! 3) womb nation 4) dancing in a ceiling-less room 5) shawn & james jam sesh 6) we think we're cool because we're holding polaroids of ourselves 7) shawn/bob dylan 8) mustache party 9) baby noah peace sign 10) bestiefest '07 11) the lost weekend 12) my favorite ukrainian boys 13) shawn checkin out allie's booty 14) i am the walrus 15) what's under there? it's a secret... 16) mermaid beach 17) downtown danville breakfast 18) touch my body & donut man 19) tobin's dream come true 20) ain't no party like a womb party 21) family portrait 22) womb night out 23) pretty nails 24) don't mind the crown 25) on the drive



erin said...

THIS makes me cry a little. i love the collage. so so much. now i want to make one and stare at it all day.

"they're like little memories."

the paper nest co. said...

Love the pics! That's so great! For the past few months I've been meaning to ask my mom if she still has the old polaroid camera we used growing up to save me from buying a new one. I agree totally about the colors and they're so much fun! I'm calling her tonight! Hope she still has it! :)