Wednesday, February 16, 2011

iphone, dice, and gnomes.

I've been very patient. Waiting for what seems like forever. And the day finally came. I got an iphone! and I love it. I'm a little obsessed with it. and also a little overwhelmed.

Over the weekend we had a little girls night.
Went out for a little italian and then had a relaxing night in at Marina's.

we're all excited for my new phone. yippee!
She asked us all to humor her and play Yahtzee, and it was really fun. There was talk of upcoming weddings, recent trips abroad, and future babies.

erin rolled a yahtzee on the last roll of the game. it was very exciting.
but i won the game ;)

Saw Gnomeo and Juliet with my favorite couple, and best friend. I liked every single thing about this movie. Absolutely, all of it. William Shakespeare, acted out by gnomes, all set (only) to Elton John. I'm sorry, but I just don't think there are many things that can top that.

the boys played video games, obvi.

and eric wanted to cuddle with jen aniston. so he used the ipad.
pretty clever, that boy.
(p.s. when i told eric he kind of looked high, he said, "high on love." oh gosh, what a cheeseball)

This week I'm working on trying to go to bed at a decent hour. It's been proving difficult for me over the last few weeks. and still is. here's to hoping.

today i am going with sarah to see her wedding venue! to measure and get more ideas for decorations. it's going to be great.


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