Monday, February 14, 2011


i'm in love...

with BHLDN!

I just looked through everything.
And I love all of it.
It's a good thing I'm not planning my wedding right now,
cause this would've thrown me way off.



erin said...

oh ya, ames! i've been meaning to ask you....
will you be a bridesmaid in my second wedding?
because after seeing all of this goodness i think i'm going to have to have a "do-over" wedding ;)

the paper nest co. said...

I LOVE the one furthest to the right! Beautiful! I'm already planning on a huge party when we renew our vows at 10 yrs- can't wait!

Jennifer said...

Umm. Why did I not know about this when I was planning my wedding??? Seriously. I could plan it all over again right now...ok maybe not...but that is such swoon-worthy material right there!