Monday, February 28, 2011

monday blues.

i've got the monday blues, so here is a little peak into my weekend...

A morning with the Sarge as I like to call him, but officially known as Sgt. Pepper.
An afternoon date with Noah, complete with his Spiderman PJs and rainboots!

Got dresses in our snazzy duds in honor of Heather
and went to a fancy dinner to celebrate her birthday.
1. birthday cupcake 2. dinner
3. rooftop lounge, but we only went to look because it was freezing. brrrr. 4. quick outfit pic.

1. me and the birthday girl. 2. the boys thinking they are hipsters/in the mafia (the black gloves).
3. eric staring down the bison.



he calls me wifey said...

all such cute pics!

looks like an awesome weekend :)

erin said...

that picture of you and heather is my favorite ever. you guys are like models.

marisa said...

I wish I would have dressed up a bit more! Shame on Dani and I. ;)

Can't wait for our craft day soon! After this week, my killer bio class will be over and I'll be much more free on weekends, and before or after work! Yeee!

kELLO! said...

the guy in the background of the picture with the girl and cupcake looks like james franco. i might just have him on the brain since he's been everywhere, but still. resemblesyish.