Wednesday, February 9, 2011

le weekend...a little late

i know it's late, but better late than never right,

this is what my weekend looked like:

  • got asked to help out with designing a small diy wedding. so excited! i'll be giving updates as I go.
  • friday night was game night with the cousins. we played a new game, Smart Ass and an old favorite Taboo. It was super fun to hang out with my cousins for the night. It had been way too long. See, I come from a very large extended family with 22 cousins (it's even bigger now that lots are married and have kids). And we see each other pretty often, I would even say that some of them are like sisters to me.
  • a nice long saturday workout. i felt so good and refreshed, and tired afterward.
  • sat down to finally finish this pinwheel order for a wedding coming up this summer. i really love how it turned out. she wanted lots of very bright colors, it was fun color palette to work with.
and i think this might be one of my most fave pinwheels so far, if not my most favorite.
and look how cute the back is: pink with little green teakettles!

  • had a special girl date with erin! we got coffee and saw Blue Valentine. My verdict is still out on this movie. I liked it, but it was so heavy and a lot to process in such a short time.
but looking at michelle williams and ryan gosling for two hours,
definitely a plus in my book
  • super bowl sunday party at the mcneely's! (like most everyone else in America) to be honest, I hadn't watched a single NFL game this season, and i didn't watch that much of the actual game on sunday either. and i stayed way too late, because we played our own game, of cranium, after. and of course, tobin, erin, and i whooped the boys.

30 day update: so far I've been pretty faithful to my diet/exercise program. I haven't eaten the exact meals on the day, but i've stayed within calories and just had leftovers from other meals because of time (and a little cause of money). i've also been doing my work outs and adding cardio. It's now day 9 and i don't feel any different yet, well i feel a little healthier but not any smaller...i'm hoping i'll start to see/feel it soon and that will give me some motivation to stick with it for the rest of the time.


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Carrie said...

NONE of my business, but what weight loss plan are you doing? I am on one too. Feeling thinner is great, but getting there sucks. Good luck! And just remember, you are beautiful.