Monday, March 14, 2011

birthday weekend.

i had a nice, long, (mostly) fun-filled weekend for my birthday.
on friday, i gathered the troops and headed out to LA. and like an idiot, i didn't charge my camera before hand and it died about 3 hours after we got there. wah. so i only have a few pictures (sad face), but thankfully tobin came through with hers. but we still only took a handful of pictures that night. it just kind of slipped our minds.
we started off having appetizers on the rooftop of the standard. then off for more appetizers and drinks at the library bar. and ran into this pretty lady and her husband, who were out in LA celebrating their one year anniversary. congratulations! that was a nice little surprise,
next was the edison. it was seriously magical.
we had so much fun and met quite a few interesting people. ate delicious greasy food at 3 am. and came back to our "humungous" room (that's actually the name of the room) and crashed for the night. woke up the next morning and ate yummy breakfast at nickle diner. i'd say the trip was pretty successful and i hope my girls would agree.

on saturday i had a special date with noah. or i tried to, 5 minutes after we got in the car he fell asleep. and since that didn't work out i treated myself to some starbucks and a delightful cake pop. it was seriously yummy.
that night we celebrated marina's birthday by going to medieval times. i hadn't been since high school, and i forgot how much fun it is. since a few or our friends couldn't go we're planning another trip soon.
my family was so cute and they had a late night game night for me after medieval times. my aunts and uncles and cousins. i felt so loved!
and the best part is. i get to celebrate my birthday again this weekend. this time with eric and marina both. i am so looking forward to it.



erin said...

get ready for round two ladddddyyyy! yeow!

Lace.and.Likes. said...

yay birthday girlll

marisa said...

Can't wait for Saturday!! Love you girl. <3

Rach said...

Just found your blog! Looks so cute :)