Sunday, April 10, 2011


i realize it's been quite some time since i've posted anything at all. i kept meaning to, but the more time that passed the more daunting the thought became. you know when life just gets so busy that you're always going and going? always running out the door? well, this last month ahas been a little crazy for me and i've had just so many things going on. honestly, i've just been putting off blogging because i let so much time go by that it became overwhelming to think about all the things that i hadn't posted. so instead of writing lots of words, i will give you a glimpse of this last month in pictures.

eric, marina, and i had our birthday
at the Observation Bar on the Queen Mary this year.
i recommend having your birthday on a boat. it's a blast.

1) cozy crochet rainy days 2) coffee dates 3) a budding friendship and worlds colliding 4) steve zissou, i want this painting in my living room 5) new running shoes! 6) me and estrada reunited 7) hello kitty 8) best beibday card ever (it's justin beaver in case you couldn't tell) 9) hilarious texts and emoji love 10) LOTS of cupcakes 11) even more coffee 12) mismatched outfits 13) getting back on track 14) happy birthday werner! 15) pinwheels 16) lucy the english bulldog

that's all for now. i promise, i'm gonna do my best to keep posting. but the next 6 weeks looks like it's gonna be just as busy if not more so than the last 4. i have weddings that i'm in, bachelorette parties, trips, baseball games, and work. so i should be back soon. and with more pictures.


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