Sunday, March 6, 2011


over the past few days I've been seriously preoccupied by my love for tree houses.
I have been obsessing over living in one of these beauties. or even just escaping the world for awhile and spending my time reflecting and reading and soaking in the beauty of all that surrounds it.

on thursday an old friend told me he was going to be staying in one this weekend. i was immediately very jealous and asked him where it was. he told me, but i'm sworn to secrecy. and i'm hoping that one day soon i can go visit this beautiful place too.

I think the obsession started with The Swiss Family Robinson. I mean, how awesome is that tree house? It has multiple levels and rooms, and pretty much anything you could think of.

who wouldn't want to live here?
especially when the leaves start to change in the fall. it must be breathtaking.
or have dinner here?

or camp out here?

or get married here? seriously, this place is unbelievable.



Jennifer said...

Wow. I seriously love these. You could say that I am a tad bit obsessed with treehouses! Love this post girlie!!!

Meg said...

I posted this too,it is so romantic and I always loved tre houses,since I was a baby!!!!!I follow you,follow me back?!

Sam said...

Did I ever show you this? I made it sophomore year in my 3D Design class.

Assignment: Design a landscape in a carrying case

…naturally, this was where my imagination took it :)

Miss you.