Friday, March 11, 2011


It's my birthday tomorrow, yay! and obviously I took the day off today. I wanted to do something special for my day and lately I've been feeling like I really need a little vacay. So...

I'm rounding up three of my best girls: Marina (who's birthday was yesterday, happy birthday to you too!), Tobin, and Erin and in just a few short hour we are heading to LA for the night. I know that it's not really a vacation, but to me it so is. We've got a room at The Standard in downtown LA and we're ready to get away for a night and celebrate. Big time.

Then laze around by the pool tomorrow morning and drink coffee and wander around town before we head back home.

I can't wait for
and hopefully
and to be with these beauts

see ya later. and happy weekend!!!



Anonymous said...

Aww have fun Amy G! Such a good idea. Loves ya Birthday Princess

Ashley said...

okay. i feel like i like you already. haha. your blog is just bright and happy! happy birthday!!! love your pictures!

Heather said...

oh how fun! I've always wanted to stay there. hope you had fun!