Friday, March 4, 2011

it's friday.

it's only the fourth day, but march is already shaping up to be pretty spectacular.

i have to admit, another reason i love march so much is because it's also my birthday month. and if you don't know me, you'll soon find out that i am a shameless lover of my birthday. i always have been. i love the excuse to have a day all about me, but in reality i usually take a few days.

not only is it my birthday, but it's also two of my very best friends birthdays also. we get to celebrate them together every year and it is the best.

now i'm off to spend my friday night with three of the most wonderful people in this world. one of the best ways i can think of to start off my weekend.

happy friday.

1 comment:

kELLO! said...

march is me bday month too
happy BIRTHDAY to us!