Monday, January 10, 2011


This is one of the most treasured items I own. It was a bridesmaids gift last September fromthis lovely woman (you should seriously check out her blog, it/she's adorable).

I know, this picture is not very good and does not do it justice. It says, " She seemed to move everywhere dancing & music followed her like leaves on the wind."

I lived with Erin all throughout college and we used to drool over everything Brian Andreas. We were in love with all of it. So that made this the perfect bridesmaid gift. And all the bridesmaids got a different print, each of which described them to a tee. I love mine and I have hanging right above my desk, so everytime I sit down to craft I look up and it inspires me.

You should serisouly check out Brian Andreas. Everything he does is so unique.


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erin said...

i love you, my little dancing queen.