Thursday, January 6, 2011

new year.

I know that I've been absent from the blog world for quite some time. But I promise, I'm coming back strong, and soon. The holidays were so busy and so crazy. I felt like I was running around non-stop, and still am.

I just got back from visiting this gem, along with her husband, and some other friends in Oregon. It was a wonderful new years trip.

I was approached by the photogropher, Haleigh Rohner, to be featured in an etsy photo shoot centered around valentines day. My pinwheels will be featured along with other seller's items and I could not be more excited!

I have a few new things to show you, so keep posted this next week.



marisa said...

YAY! Congrats girl!

BTW you are going to cry HARD during that book! It's so beautiful, but oh so sad!

Glad to hear your New Years was so great! Love you. <33

Amy G. said...

Thanks Marisa!

Which book, Love is a MixTape? I just finished it on the plane. Thanks for the reminder to change the picture.

You should seriously check it out. Love you.

erin said...

ames! that's so exciting!!! i'm a proud mama.
i want to hug you soon, okay.

Lace.and.Likes. said...

yay congratulations beautiful ladyyyy