Sunday, January 30, 2011

le weekend.

this is what my weekend looked like:
  • friday night girl time with Marisa and Marina. Lots of wedding and baby talk. But don't worry, none of us are gonna have a baby anytime soon (fingers crossed), we just think they are too cute.
  • a nice saturday run, it was a beautiful day.
  • bowling for Matt's birthday. I hadn't been bowling in years and boy, am I horrible at it. I still had lots of fun though. It was "Extreme Bowling" which means black lights, a fog machine, and horrible pop music that I loved every second of.

(the brothers proffitt. i would tell you to listen to their podcast because it's absolutely hilarious, but they haven't done one for months and months)

(a little bowling action, i know the picture is dark but it was the only
action shot that kind of turned out from the night :/ )
(matt blowing out his birthday candles, all 26 of them!)

(truly one of my bests, eric)
  • Worked all day on a few custom etsy orders. And made cute little tags to send with my pinwheels.
(i really like them, and they have a nice little contrasting blue color on the opposite side)

(my work space)
  • and now time for a little reading before bed!


Candace Stevenson said...

weekends=thebest. seriously. hahah looks like you had a goooood one indeed. which is also the best :)

marisa said...

Thanks for coming over love! I really truly love time with you. <3

Let's plan to get together again soon! Maybe this week? I can head to your casa :).

Love you.

Amy G. said...

hi candace. thanks for taking a looksie, and yes i had a great one indeed. hope yours was fun too!

marisa-risa, of course my horse. anytime. let's seriously plan something so we can discuss more of the wedding deets and i can get started on brainstorming! i'm beyond excited. <3

jamie said...

i love seeing the womb table under all your craftsss