Wednesday, May 18, 2011

princeton & jersey.

My East Coast Excursion Part II.

When planning this trip, our plans changed a lot, probably about 6 or 7 different times. Originally, the plan was to go to New York. Then we added Boston, and so on and so far. But as you can tell, we didn't go to New York at all, we cut it out altogether. And we decided to go to New Jersey/Princeton as kind of a last minute add-on.

One of my dear friends, Turpin, is going to grad school at Princeton seminary. And my old roommate, Tobin, just happened to be visiting him during the same time we were going to be on our excursion. So we obviously had to go out there too. And it was wonderful.

It was beyond good to see Turpin again (this is someone whom I used to spend a significant amount of time with during college who I don't get to see very often now). And Princeton was just gorgeous, especially because it's spring time and all the flowers and trees are full and colorful. We basically just spent our day wandering around in awe of the gorgeous buildings and architecture and wishing that we were going back to school at an ivy league university, feeling like if we went there it would automatically make us more studious and preppy.

a princeton morning

eric was in tree heaven

does this not look like hogwarts? the great hall, anyone?

that's turpin, and that is the building where he lives
a princeton lion, more pretty tulips, and eric enjoying the foliage

visiting students from korea that wanted to take pictures with us

me and a.turp

I definitely plan on going back to visit Turpin again. Next time, in the fall.



Carrie said...

I Heart Turpin! So funny to think of him living in such a preppy environment. I am super jealous that a) you two got to hang out and b) that he lives in such beautiful, historical, academic surroundings.

Kasey Lynne said...

so jealous of your trip. looks like you had SO much fun.