Monday, May 16, 2011


This was the first stop on our East Coast Excursion.

My cousin Kelley goes to grad school there and she graciously let us stay in her studio apartment. unfortunately she had her final review the day after we got there and we only got to see her or about a total of 30 minutes. That was a bummer.

Since our flight was delayed, we didn't get in to the city til way later than we expected. So all we really did that night was get the keys to the apartment and find food because we were hungry bunnies.

The next morning, for a reason unknown to me, I woke up bright and early, even though my body should've been behind by 3 hours. We started off our day by getting coffee then headed out to do every tourist-y thing that we could think of in Philly. You name it, we went there.

delayed flights

happy to finally be in philadelphia after 12 hours of traveling

typical tourist picture at independence hall

LOVE park

coffee shop. philadelphia skyline. liberty bell.
rocky. ales of the revolution. independence hall.
the u.s. mint. pretty pretty trees. rocky x2.

eric's favorite part: the skyline

super excited to eat a cheesesteak!

delicious philly cheesesteaks.
top of the rocky steps. we conquered those bad boys.
just like we conquered the city.

I very much enjoyed everything that i experienced in Philly. Even all the historical sights.
Stay tuned for more pictures from my east coast excursion. Next up: Princeton.


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