Wednesday, September 8, 2010

and keep the things you forgot.

I've been on quite the Elliott Smith kick recently. Ever since I was discussing songs for the wedding with Erin. We both love mr. Elliott and she asked me if it would be morbid to have one of his songs at the wedding. And it just so happened that as we were talking it over, he was playing at the coffee shop we were sitting in. I absolutely love me some Elliott Smith. And I could listen to it for hours on end, I do realize that most people don't feel this same way and can only listen to smaller doses.

A couple years ago I went to visit the wall dedicated to him in LA. It's painted just like the 'Figure 8' album. And I've promised to take Erin there too, I should stick to it and take her sometime this fall. After her wedding of course and things have calmed down again.

I went with my boyfriend at the time.
We both loved it.
From one of my favorite Elliott songs.

It was such a fun little day. We took the metro into LA and explored by foot, saw lots of interesting things, and had a lot of laughs.

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marisa said...

I want to go with you guys! I've always wanted to see this wall and take photos :) Love you ames!